Welcome to the Coldwater Virtual Tour!

Because many can't come to the Coldwater area between 7 am and 3 pm Monday through Friday (or for those who do not feel that they should have to explain their existence to Federal Security), we have brought it to you! This shouldn't be taken as if you are not free to stop by, you most certainly are. But expect the Feds to be very protective of their empty buildings, and stay away from them...stay outside. Unless of course you get prior aproval!

Below is a picture book of the Coldwater area, in the Bureau of Mines property. This is a walk through of the area. Much of it is almost completely unknown to the average citizen. This is the area that we would like to see under the management of Ft. Snelling State Park, or other such entity. Ft. Snelling has stated they are capable of managing the area, if another entity foots the
bill for the land.

Take a look around. Decide for yourself if this land should be something that connects Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis to Ft Snelling State park.

Click on images below for high quality pic and description. 

Front Gate Looking In     Turn to the left and See Burr Oaks                  Pine Stand

Existing Parking                            Looking back West                     Looking Back North

North Lot                                        Big Parking Lot                          Continuing South

Abandoned Road                      Pines Around Old Road                    On The Road

West Road Looking South                S W Corner                                     S W Field

       Old Oak                               Going to the S E                           Coldwater Marsh

Coldwater Swamp                        Jaw Bone                                     TOXIC

The Tall Tree                                  The East Woods                         Coldwater

Coldwater Spring                           Interchange                                    Old Dirt Road

Old Test Site                                   Meadows                                Road Less Traveled