Noble Oaks Recovery Project
A Healing of the Land
Saturday, September 22, 2001
10 am-2 pm (rain or shine)

Planters Needed!-- also friends with water and snacks.
500 native prairie plants will be planted at The Two Trees (along the 55 reroute, opposite the entrance to Camp Coldwater Springs). The plants will be clustered between the guard rail and the two great old burr oaks.

On August 9, MnDOT removed dirt fill suffocating part of the roots of these oaks. The Coalition has been pressuring MnDOT to honor their "TREE PROTECTION AREA" orange signs at The Two Trees. MnDOT is furnishing the plants and a water truck that will soak the area as soon as we get the plants in the ground.

We want to sign up 25 planters who will agree to bring a garden trowel and be on site at 10 am. Please call Carol (612-725-0000) to sign up for a planting shift. Everyone will get to plant something-we just need to make sure we have enough people to start.

Tough, hardy savanna species to be planted:
GRASSES: big blue stem, little blue stem, switch grass.
FLOWERS: butterfly milkweed, giant hyssop, black-eyed Susan, ox-eye, partridge pea (a legume, used as a fertilizer plant) and vervain.

Bring: garden trowel, folding chair, water, coffee, snacks to share, songs, drums, poems, offerings for the land.

All people are welcome.

In Minneapolis, south of Minnehaha Park on Hwy 55-turn west at 54th St., and take the first left onto "Mailbox Road." The Two Trees are on the west side of Hwy 55, behind the red brick VA residences.

Bring a folding chair.
Songs, drums, offerings for the land and all people are welcome.