Mendota Medwakanton Dakota Community to Gather at Ft. Snelling State Park, Friday, Feb.2, 2001, 12:00 Noon Join us as we gather to remember our ancestors. We must take time to remember our hunkapi who suffered and died in the concentration camp below Ft. Snelling in that terrible winter of 1862-63. 1700 of our people were held captive there following the Dakota Conflict of the late summer 1862. 1300 were exiled in the spring.

Directions: Take 494 to the airport area. Exit on Post Road. Go south toward the river. Follow signs down into Ft. Snelling State Park. Unfortunately there is a $2.00 admission charge per vehicle so think about car-pooling. This charge was reduced from $4.00. Stop at the park entrance. Rangers will assist you. There is ample parking. See you there.