For those at upcoming local Political caucuses.

Please take the Coldwater Springs Resolution to your caucus and present it to the group for passage. If passed, it will go up to the next level. Consider becoming a party delegate and following this resolution, and your preferred candidates, through the process to the state level.

Democratic Farmer Labor Party 651-293-1200

Green Party of Minnesota 612-871-4585

Independence Party of Minnesota 651-487-9700

Republican Party of Minnesota 651-222-0022


Whereas Camp Coldwater Springs is the last major natural source of drinking water in the Twin Cities, flowing at more than 100,000 gallons a day

And whereas the other great local spring, Big Medicine Spring in Theodore Wirth Park, dried up with construction and dewatering for Interstate-394

And whereas Camp Coldwater Springs is the birthplace of Minnesota home to soldiers who built Fort Snelling and the earliest pioneer settlement, and held sacred by upper Mississippi River Native Nations and central to the Dakota creation stories

And whereas the 2001 Minnesota legislature overwhelmingly passed the Coldwater preservation act providing for no diminishment of flow to or from the springs

And whereas the City Council of Minneapolis unanimously passed a resolution (2/15/02) "supporting the state of Minnesota in protecting the natural flow of Camp Coldwater Springs"

Be it resolved that the Camp Coldwater Springs historic preservation law be upheld as passed to protect the underground flow of water to this 10,000-year old limestone bedrock spring.