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Susu's Testimony to Preserve Camp Coldwater

Word from Watershed District meeting 5/25/00

check in with your:

favorite Minnehaha Creek Watershed District person

Your legislators

email Sharon Sayles Belton

City officials

governor Ventura


Linda Berglin

Satveer Chaudhary
Karen Clark

Andy Dawkins

Mark S. Gleason
Ellen R. Anderson
Len Biernat
Phyllis Kahn
Gary Laidig
Jane Ranum
Becky Lourey
Jerry Janezich
Larry Pogemiller

Give 'em a call!

Remember most of all, BWSR is following "land Owners" requests. BWSR needs to be reminded that the airport is PUBLIC LAND, federal Land is PUBLIC LAND, Armed forces land and all their equipment is for the PUBLIC. Remind them who they are supposed to serve, and who the "land owners" really are! Stand Up and be counted, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORTSS!