The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) has released their dye test results to MnDOT. This is the same test that MCWD had to sue MnDOT before they would let it happen. MCWD is saying that the evidence shows that MnDOT will have a negative impact on the spring, by reducing it's flow. An action that is illegal under state law.

However MnDOT still currently plans to lower the water table by about 12 feet at the Highway 55/62 interchange, and is still "pretty confident" that they would not have "any impact" to the Historic Coldwater Spring, and even went so far as to reiterate that in the newspapers today.

MnDOT can choose to enter into settlement conferences with MCWD, or go to court, July 20th (tentative), to solve the conflict there.

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