March 7, 2001
Congressman Martin Sabo
2336 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman Sabo,

We are writing today to express our collective support for a win-win solution to the Old Bureau of Mines property, currently held by the Department of the Interior.

In recent weeks we have been looking for an option that would address the concerns of all interested parties. We recognize the need to protect the land around Camp Coldwater and the potential to provide an outstanding green link between the Minnehaha Regional Park and Fort Snelling State Park. Not only does this land have natural, educational and historical value for Minnesotans including itís indigenous peoples, it fits superbly with the stateís policy to provide green corridors. We also recognize the need of the Metropolitan Airport Commission to ensure an unimpeded flying zone over this area.

To this end we would ask for your help in protecting the green link along the Mississippi River by entering into negotiations to guarantee by covenant or other perpetual means, the air rights over the Bureau of Mines Property to the MAC while deeding the underlying property to an organization like the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, whose mission is to assure recreational access, land protection, and proper management of natural resources.

We would also be interested in further discussions about the feasability of adapting the buildings on the Bureau of Mines property for reuse for educational purposes.

We are more than willing to work on the discussions between DOI, MAC, your office and other interested parties to ensure the protection of the land for enjoyment by all citizens.


Rep. Margaret Anderson Kelliher
District 60A

Rep. Karen Clark
District 61A

Rep. Mark Gleason
District 63B

Rep. Scott Dibble
District 60B

Sen Jane Ranum
District 63

Sen Linda Berglin
District 61

Rep Neva Walker
District 61B

Rep Jean Wagenius
District 63A

Rep Wes Skoglund
District 62B

Rep Jim Davine
District 62A

Rep Phyllis Kahn
District 59B

Sen Julie Sabo
District 62

Sen Myron Orfield
District 60

cc: JoAnn Kyral