The full Minneapolis City Council unanimously passed theColdwater Springs resolution on Friday Feb 15, 2002.

Please call and thank them, especially Council members Johnson Lee, Goodman, Zimmermann, Benson!


Johnson Lee, Goodman, Zimmermann, Benson

Supporting the State of Minnesota in protecting the natural flow of Camp Coldwater Springs.

Whereas, the Minnesota State Legislature overwhelmingly passed 2001 Minnesota Laws Chapter 101, which prohibits any state, regional, or local government action that would diminish the flow to or from Camp Coldwater Springs and which requires review ofprojects under the Minnesota Historic Sites Act and the Minnesota Field Archaeology Act;

Whereas, the Federal Highway Administration has called on the Minnesota Department of Transportation to do additional testing and monitoring of the site to determine a dewatering rate that will not affect the flow rate at the Springs;

Whereas, the extension of Crosswind Runway 4-22 at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has been postponed indefinitely in
light of reduced demand for a longer runway due to cancellation of nonstop flights to Hong Kong and improvements in airplane technology;

Whereas, Camp Coldwater is a registered National Historic Landmark that figures prominently in Native American, European American, and African American history in Minnesota;

Whereas, Camp Coldwater lies entirely within the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (MNRRA);

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by The City Council of The City of Minneapolis:
That the City of Minneapolis supports 2001 Minnesota Laws Chapter 101 as passed and effected in May 2001.

Be It Further Resolved that the City calls on our State Legislators not to amend or repeal these protections for historic Camp Coldwater Springs.

Ward 1 Paul Ostrow (612) 673-2201

Ward 2 Paul Zerby (612) 673-2202

Ward 3 Joe Biernat (612) 673-2203

Ward 4 Barbara Johnson (612) 673-2204

Ward 5 Natalie Johnson Lee (612) 673-2205

Ward 6 Dean Zimmerman (612) 673-2206

Ward 7 Lisa Goodman (612) 673-2207

Ward 8 Robert Lilligren (612) 673-2208

Ward 9 Gary Schiff (612) 673-2209

Ward 10 Dan Niziolek (612) 673-2210

Ward 11 Scott Benson (612) 673-2211

Ward 12 Sandy Colvin Roy (612) 673-2212

Ward 13 Barret Lane (612) 673-2213