Dear Legislator:
January 28, 2002

Preserve Camp Coldwater Coalition thanks our state legislators and Governor Ventura for passing and signing the Coldwater Springs protection law last session. SF 2049 passed 110-20 in the House and unanimously in the Senate.

MnDOT has publicly championed the protection of Coldwater Springs for the last five years, and did not oppose this law in multiple committees as it passed through the legislature last session.

Any attempt to weaken this law runs contrary to MnDOT's stated objectives and intentions for which they obtained multiple construction permits.

Camp Coldwater and Coldwater Springs is the site of the Birthplace of Minnesota and intrinsically linked to the historic site of Fort Snelling. To protect them is to protect the heritage of the State of Minnesota. We ask you to keep the wording of the law as it is, with no repeal or change to the protection of the flow to or from
Coldwater Springs.

The citizens deserve to have the intent of the law upheld. To do any less destroys the very fabric our agencies use to conduct their services.

Thank you for your continued support of our State Treasure.