The US Fish and Wildlife no longer has plans to use the old Bureau of
Mines buildings as a headquarters.

The US Fish and Wildlife has administrative control over the old Bureau of Mines, which contains Coldwater Spring.

Their plans still include the hopes of renovating the main building for a new headquarters (that they need anyway). The Bureau of Indian Affairs and US Geological Survey may also take possession of two of the other large buildings. This plan will save them millions of dollars that they currently pay in rent at the Federal Whipple building.

The US Fish and Wildlife would like to remove most of the remaining sheds and return the rest of the area to a natural state. These agencies, along with the watershed districts, can provide continued monitoring of Coldwater Spring to help ensure its survival for future generations.

Best of all, if the US Fish and Wildlife gets their budget in 2004 to do this, they will expand public access to Coldwater Springs for all to enjoy.

Congressman Martin Sabo sits on the finance committee who oversees this type of budgets. He can be reached at;

Commerce at the Crossings, #286
250 Second Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: (612) 664-8000