Tonight, Feb 21st, over a dozen people (Coalition menbers, Senators, Representatives, and Both Wathersheds) were available to testify against Rep Tom Workman's bill to repeal the Coldwater protections law.

At the last minute, Workman pulled his bill from the agenda. This effectively kills the bill for the session. It has failed as a stand alone bill....Excellent work everyone!!!!!!

The recourse may be a floor amendment that could be attached to someone else's bill. So keep your eyes open!


Senator Julie Sabo's comments

Rep. Tom Workman (R-Chanhassen), Sen. Roy Terwilliger (R-Edina) has introduced anit-Coldwater legislation (SF3158 and HF3037)

This is nothing short of blatant disregard not only for the Spring, but for all the people, who worked so hard to protect it. This is buracratic B.S. at it's finest, as it works to prevent the constant calim of MnDOT's supposed protection of the Spring since March 1981. The law they are trying to repeal does nothing more than
hold MnDOT to it's word.

Call and write your reps and senators to tell them so!

See page 1-20-02.htm, for a simple explination of the problem with the
interchange, by viewing MnDOT's own maps.


H.F No. 3037, as introduced: 82nd Legislative Session (2001-2002) Posted on Feb
7, 2002

1.1 A bill for an act
1.2 relating to waters; repealing the prohibition on
1.3 diminishing water flow from Camp Coldwater Springs;
1.4 repealing Laws 2001, chapter 101, section 1.
1.6 Section 1. [REPEALER.]
1.7 Laws 2001, chapter 101, section 1, is repealed effective
1.8 the day following final enactment.
Bill Name: HF3037 Bill Text House Research Summary Revisor Number: 02-
Short Description: Camp Coldwater Springs diminishing water flow prohibition

Authors: Rep. Tom Workman (R-Chanhassen), , , , Other authors

Senator Julie Sabo's comments

MINNEAPOLIS, MN., FEBRUARY 7, 2002 -- Senator Julie Sabo's (DFL, District 62)
comments at the February 5th new conference concerning the 2001 Camp Coldwater Springs bill to protect the springs' history and flow.

Here are Senator Sabo's prepared comments from the press conference.

As we stand here next to this historic spring, we must remember that this is not a place to simply be sentimental about our past, but to make a statement about our future.

A future where development and growth do not come at the unnecessary expense of our limited and dwindling natural resources,

A future where goals that may seem opposing find a mutual solution.

We must move beyond the impasse of the false choice of either building the road or saving the spring. Both can be achieved.

Would this road be built more quickly without the presence of the watershed district?

Sure, but at what cost?

We have a government filled with checks and balances, as a people we fear imbalances of power in our system.

These checks and balances do slow the process down, but they also prevent abuses and hasty actions.

They ensure that a broader view is brought to a situation and that a solution can be found that will represent the interests and concerns of a greater number of people.

The job of MnDOT is to get roads built, roads that we all rely on. The job of the watershed district is to protect a resource that is at the very core of our state's identity, our water.

As a member of this community I want them both to be successful.MnDOT must finish the road and the watershed district must protect this historic spring.

And together they must move forward.

Senator Julie Sabo