Rep. Tom Workman (R-Chanhassen) amended his anti-Coldwater language to the House "transportation housekeeping bill" in the Transportation Policy Committee which he chairs.
This is the legislation that removes all pertinent protections for Coldwater Springs.

HF 3199 is Assistant Majority Leader Rep. William Kuisle's (R-Rochester) bill, he is the only author and sits on the House Transportation Policy Committee. We believe Kuisle accepted Workman's language as a "friendly amendment."

HF 3199 was referred directly to the floor of the House for a vote. We do not know when that vote will be scheduled. The earliest it could be heard is Wednesday, March 6, at 3 pm.
To follow the bill go to, click on Legislation, click House Bills, put in the number 3199 and click on search, text, etc.

There is an active Coldwater court case in Hennepin County District Court between the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and MnDOT. Normally legislators shy away from voting on a matter that is active in the courts.

Please call your representative, mention the active court case, and ask them to "vote the anti-Coldwater amendment OUT of HF 3199." Ask representatives to uphold their law and continue the protection of state historic Camp Coldwater Springs, birthplace of Minnesota.

Phone House Information for your representative's number or email address: 651-296-2146.

SF 3298 is the companion bill in the Senate which passed out of the Transportation Policy Committee, Feb 20, obviously without the anti-Coldwater language. SF 3298 has a long title, "Transportation Provisions Modified...," and is also colloquially referred to as the Senate "transportation housekeeping bill." Sen. Dean Johnson (DFL-Willmar) is the only author of SF 3298. He voted for the Coldwater legislation last year, and is chair of both Senate transportation committees.

SF 3298 was referred to the Senate Finance Committee. The committee staff says it will probably be heard next week.